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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chilli Seedlings now available!

We can now offer Chilli Seedlings through the post - for UK mainland delivery addressed!

See our competition to win one of seven sets of six chilli seedlings:

Advance orders can be place for two delivery periods:
Mid-March to Mid-April and Mid-April to Mid-May.
The seedlings available have been selected as sets of six and are shipped as seedlings with one or two sets of true leaves in Jiffy-7 plugs all ready to pot-on into pots.
We currently have the following sets of six available:
Hot Six - Six very hot seedlings  (including Bhut Jolokia and five varieties of Habanero)
Tasty Six - Six varieties that are great to cook with.
Super Six - Six chilli plants we return to year after year.
Sweet Six - Six less-familiar sweet peppers - all with great flavour.
Stunning Six - Six really stunning chilli plants just right for a windowsill and adding some heat, flavour and colour into your cooking.
Extreme Six - Six Bhut Jolokia seedlings. If you have tried to germinate Bhut Jolokia in the past, you may have noticed they can be difficult - so why not start with seedlings.
Same Six - Six all the same; you choose.
The seedlings are germinated and cultivated in Jiffy-7 plugs and mailed in robust blister packs, with full care instructions. We recommend potting-on into John Innes No.1 or No.2 into 10cm pots and keeping the seedlings warm (20c -25c).
Read more on our shopping page: Chill Seedlings.

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